Color Your World

What is your favorite color? Does your answer vary depending on the mood you’re in or current circumstances? Is it the same today as it was when you were a child?

Color is personal and more than just a simple preference. Consider color the next time you shop for sunglasses. Believe it or not, the color of the frame is not the more important decision; rather, the color of the lenses. Did you know you have choices?

Various sunglass technologies promise a color-enhancing experience. What I mean is that a properly designed filter can actually improve visual contrast. That can really be helpful when tailored to specific activities. Imagine having sunglasses with lens specifically designed so you can have the best possible vision for boating, golf, tennis, driving, or simply to provide enhancement to your everyday activities!

Our eyes typically have difficulty with blue light when it comes to focusing. When I work with a patient, I start with color enhancement that takes into account the difficulty with blue light. From there, I can target enhancement for different lifestyles and activities. For example, in activities where you might need a high level of contrast, such as hunting, golf, or other sports, tints like brown, orange, or even rose can be used to selectively block the blue end and increase contrast.

Something as simple as changing the color of your sunglasses can heighten your awareness to your surroundings. Your brain is used to certain inputs and when something changes, you can go into overdrive and pay more attention to everything going on. You might benefit from having several different pair with colors that match your activity – whether that might be sports, hobbies and day-to-day living.

Here at Optical@SIEHT, one can find sunglasses from some of the most reputable names in the industry including Costa del Mar, Maui Jim, Serengeti, and Wiley X. All of which are available in prescription, too! Besides unique frames and lens colors, we have options that can provide you with additional benefits. These include mirror coatings, polarization, photochromic, and backside non-glare coatings. Remember – proper frame fit is also of great importance!

I invite you to come in and look through some of these different lenses. Just ask for me, Sharon Hanneman, so together we can find the best fitting frames and discover YOUR favorite LENS color.