Ever year the bitter cold of winter gives way to the warm breezes and bright sunshine of spring and then summer. Life bursts forth as flowers bloom and trees open their leaves again to soak up the sun. All of this new life comes with a slight drawback for those who wear glasses and contacts though: the release of billions upon billions of pollen particles into the fresh air throughout the seasons. 

The Suffering and Sacrifices of Seasonal Allergies

Whether your allergies are mild or debilitating, the arrival of spring and summer for those who wear glasses and contacts is no fun at all. Glasses collect drifts of pollen that cloud your vision and get into your eyes, and contact lenses require frequent cleaning or cannot be worn at all due to severe pollen allergies. 

No one should have to pass up spending time in the great outdoors once their garden or favorite park starts its annual blossoming. If you suffer from seasonal allergies that prevent you from wearing your contacts and forcing you to wear glasses, there is hope. LASIK vision correction surgery is safer and more effective than it has ever been and provides an affordable solution to the aggravation of glasses and contacts.

What is LASIK?

LASIK corrective eye surgery is a procedure to correct imperfections in your eyes that cause myopia (near-sightedness). With the leading-edge iLasik procedure used at SIEHT, a Wavefront-guided scan of your eye is conducted during your LASIK evaluation. The results are used to produce a three-dimensional model of your eye and the imperfections that impair your vision. This model is used during surgery to correct these imperfections in your eye via precisely targeted application of a highly specialized laser. 

Is LASIK Right For You?

Having your vision corrected with LASIK truly provides a whole new way to experience the world lens-free. There are some criteria that patients need to meet in order to be considered candidates for LASIK vision correction, but overall there are very few who cannot benefit from the procedure. Best of all, there are numerous finance options available to suit any budget, providing clear vision for everyone who wants to live their life without depending on glasses or contacts for clear vision.

Are you tired of dealing with allergies and contacts or glasses? Ready for a lasting change in your vision? Call SIEHT or visit our website to set up an iLasik evaluation. Let our team of specialist help you leave your lens hassles behind for good.